toxFlow is a web-application developed for enrichment analysis of omics data and toxicity prediction. A sequential analysis workflow is suggested where users can filter omics data using enrichment scores and incorporate their findings into a correlation-based read-across technique for predicting a toxicity index based on its analogs. Either embedded or in-house gene signature libraries can be used for enrichment analysis. Visualization options are offered to interactively explore correlation patterns in the data, whereas results can be exported for further analysis.

Data Visualisation & Predictive Toxicity
Modelling tool
Applicability domain:
Risk assessment, Bioinformatics, Hazard assessment
Read-across, Omics data analysis
Targeted industry:
Targeted users:
Data managers, Researchers, Students, Risk assessors, Data modellers
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Provided by:
National Technical University of Athens
GNU Lesser General Public License 3 (LGPLv3.0)
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Implementation status:
Available as web service
Technology readiness level:
TRL 3 – experimental proof of concept

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