Knowledge infrastructure


NanoCommons is creating an openly accessible e-infrastructure serving the needs of the key research communities and pivotal industrial users and regulators. NanoCommons brings pan-European added value and innovation opportunities, by answering the increasing demands concerning the prediction of safety of existing and new nanoscale materials for health and environmental sustainability. NanoCommons is creating a community framework and infrastructure for reproducible science, and in particular in silico workflows for nanomaterials and beyond, by:

  1. Integration and federation of existing nanomaterials physicochemical characterisation and interaction mechanisms knowledge, protocols and data, along with quality assurance criteria and underpinning ontologies;
  2. Compilation, development and expert support of computational tools for mechanistic and statistical modelling, read-across, grouping, safe-by-design and life cycle assessment of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products to the broader user community, and benchmarking of their predictive power;
  3. Provision of (virtual) access to its KnowledgeBase (KB), modelling toolbox and workflow optimisation and supporting expertise to facilitate commercialisation of nanotechnology-derived products.