An ontology-based semantic query and text-mining tool.

Komenti uses semantic technology to enable knowledge-led analysis of text. It contains a query tool that allows for Description Logic querying for groups of nanomaterials concepts. Using these labels, it can download and summarise concept appearance across the literature, as well as annotate text provided to it, and summarise the co-occurence of two groups of concepts. It is designed to provide the basis for more in-depth text analysis, providing qualitative information such texts can be identified for further attention, and quick summarial information can be given.

Data Processing & Analysis
Semantic annotation tool
Applicability domain:
Information extraction
Targeted users:
Software developers, Researchers
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Provided by:
University of Birmingham
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Implementation status:
Graphical user interface (GUI) available
Technology readiness level:
TRL 3 – experimental proof of concept

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