Harmonised data management and integration

Flexible and customised data management and sharing solutions are in demand in many projects being publicly funded or deployed in-house at a specific institution. Edelweiss Connect offers data management components that can be combined to form a complete data solutions for internal or public sharing of complete data collections or for bringing single datasets into the NanoCommons ecosystem, preserving privacy and confidentiality if needed. The solution offers full interoperability with the semantic model of the NanoCommons Knowledge Base (KB) and, in this way, allows for the full integration of the new data opening up all features of the KB like cross-database searching and browsing. In addition, the automatically generated APIs allow for linking of the data with the corresponding protocols as well as direct integration of the data into the analysis and modelling services of NanoCommons, or other external analysis and modelling tools. The ACEnano data warehouse, also available as a NanoCommons service, is the first example of a data sharing solution based on this technology.

Data Storage & Online Accessibility
Data warehouse
Applicability domain:
Risk assessment, Bioinformatics
Targeted industry:
Cosmetics, Drugs, Nanotechnology, Chemicals
Targeted users:
Data managers, Researchers, Students, Risk assessors, Data modellers
Access type:

Provided by:
Edelweiss Connect GmbH
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Login required:
Implementation status:
Available as web service
Technology readiness level:
TRL 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Transnational access

The NanoCommons Transnational Access (TA) is the ability of nanosafety researchers from industry, academia and regulatory bodies to access the state-of-the-art NanoCommons expertise free of charge and take advantage of the NanoCommons services, facilities and knowledge to advance their work, solve problems and take their research to the next level.

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