Enalos Knime data retrieving workflow for in silico modelling

NovaMechanics Ltd. is offering a complete Knime workflow, which allows the users to download data from the NanoCommons KnowledgeBase and to use according to their modelling workflows. While the workflow is freely available for download, please contact us to get access to the full node containing the existing data.

The workflow currently draws data on human- and eco- toxicology along with the physicochemical characterisations of the respective nanomaterials.

The workflow will be updated periodically to include more data as they become publicly available through NanoCommons.

Data Processing & Analysis
Modelling tool
API Type:
Applicability domain:
Hazard assessment, Risk assessment, Risk characterisation, Bioinformatics, Exposure assessment, Nanoinformatics, Safe by design
Read-across, (Quantitative) structure-activity relationship (SAR / QSAR), Information extraction, Predictive modelling, Omics data analysis, Physicochemical characterisation of nanomaterials, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology
Targeted industry:
Cosmetics, Drugs, Nanotechnology, Chemicals, Other consumer products, Food and feed, Textiles, Constructions, Automotives
Targeted users:
Regulators, Researchers, Students, Risk assessors, Policy makers, Data modellers
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Provided by:
NovaMechanics Ltd.
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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Available as web service

Transnational access

The NanoCommons Transnational Access (TA) is the ability of nanosafety researchers from industry, academia and regulatory bodies to access the state-of-the-art NanoCommons expertise free of charge and take advantage of the NanoCommons services, facilities and knowledge to advance their work, solve problems and take their research to the next level.

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