Nano-related Experimental Workflows

LEITAT is offering guidance on nano-related experimental workflows, which may include site visits, either to established facilities (as a reference in terms of layout, equipment needs, workflow, etc.) or to new facilities (in order to identify potential pitfalls), web-based information exchange forums, organisation of round-robin tests to evaluate inter-laboratory precision.

Support on definition of testing workflows is also offered, particularly when parts of the process need to be externalised, consideration of what must be sequential versus what can be done in parallel, shipping, sample stability etc.

Experimental Workflows Design & Implementation
Experimental workflow
Applicability domain:
Hazard assessment, Exposure assessment, Risk assessment, Risk characterisation, Bioinformatics
Read-across, Information extraction, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology
Targeted industry:
Food and feed, Cosmetics, Drugs, Nanotechnology, Chemicals, Other consumer products, Automotives, Textiles, Constructions
Targeted users:
Regulators, Researchers, Students, Risk assessors, Policy makers
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Provided by:
LEITAT Technological Center
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The NanoCommons Transnational Access (TA) is the ability of nanosafety researchers from industry, academia and regulatory bodies to access the state-of-the-art NanoCommons expertise free of charge and take advantage of the NanoCommons services, facilities and knowledge to advance their work, solve problems and take their research to the next level.

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