Enalos Cloud Platform A friendly user interface for Chem / Nano Informatics Applications

Enalos Cloud Platform, developed by NovaMechanics Ltd, is an online, freely available cheminformatics and nanoinformatics cloud platform, that hosts predictive models released as web services, which aim to address the need to reduce the amount of time and cost spent on experimental testing during the drug discovery and the risk assessment procedures for small molecules and nanomaterials (NMs). Several predictive models, based on open source and in-house algorithms and software, are already available within the Enalos Cloud platform, including models for NMs toxicity, biological activity and properties evaluation.

Through Enalos Cloud Platform a variety of state of the art modelling tools for the hazard prediction and risk assessment is available through a user-friendly environment, especially designed for non-informatics experts.

Data Processing & Analysis, Data Visualisation & Predictive Toxicity
Image analysis tool, Modelling tool
Applicability domain:
Hazard assessment, Exposure assessment, Risk assessment, Risk characterisation, Bioinformatics
Read-across, (Quantitative) structure-activity relationship (SAR / QSAR), Information extraction, Identifier mapping, Kinetics / biokinetics, Predictive modelling, Omics data analysis
Targeted industry:
Food and feed, Cosmetics, Drugs, Nanotechnology, Chemicals, Other consumer products, Automotives, Textiles, Constructions
Targeted users:
Regulators, Software developers, Researchers, Students, Risk assessors, Policy makers, Data modellers
Access type:

Provided by:
NovaMechanics Ltd.
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