Building Confidence for Risk Assessment and Governance of Nanomaterials: the caLIBRAte project

29 Oct 2019

Activity details

Join the caLIBRAte webinar to understand how risk governance for nanomaterials has been addressed by the project and the scientific and advances delivered through the project for enhanced safe governance of nanomaterials in research and innovation.


Welcome and introduction to the agenda
Introduction to the caLIBRAte project; its main objectives and strategy and the caLIBRAte nano-risk innovation governance framework
Stakeholder risk perception and needs for nano-risk governance. Conclusions on how stakeholders perceive NMs and their needs for risk governance; with particular focus on R&D and Industry
Candidate tools considered for the caLIBRAte nano-risk innovation governance framework
Selection of tool candidates for HRA, with confirmation for the framework
Selecting tools candidates for ERA, with confirmation for the framework
Data for risk governance
Establishing a physicochemical and hazard data library suitable for tool testing
Establishing a library of high-quality exposure data suitable for tool testing
Qualifying tools through testing
HRA tools testing
ERA tools testing
Introduction to the caLIBRAte Nano-Risk Innovation Governance Framework
Peak into the web-based Nano-Risk Governance Portal
Q&A and Discussion
Who should attend?

If you are active within research, development or use of nanomaterials, you should attend this webinar to understand latest advances in governance and how you can work towards advanced risk governance.
The webinar is free to attend and all registered participants will receive slides from the meeting and have full opportunity for discussion on caLIBRAte outcomes and implications for your own work.

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