Nano-Risk Governance Portal: Introduction and Launch

31 Oct 2019

Activity details

Join the webinar to find out about the caLIBRAte Nano-Risk Governance Portal - a state-of-the-art one stop shop site to support nano-risk governance
The Portal will provide:

Qualified (trustworthy) information on nanomaterials and nano-enabled products, their safety and different stakeholders? risk perception
Tools for Horizon Scanning, Identification of nanomaterials, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Decision Support and Workplace Monitoring that have been thoroughly tested and validated by performance testing when possible.
Access to case studies and qualified material, hazard and exposure measurement data for direct access information and especially to support the nano-risk governance tools. Guidance and good practice information relevant for research and development as well as established industrial production of nanomaterials and products containing them.
The webinar will introduce the full portal and how it supports your work to develop safe nanomaterials to market. It is free of charge and open to all interested participants, with the opportunity to discuss how the portal works and can be used within your own nanomaterials research and development.

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