OpenTox Euro 2018

Hackathon, Conference, Workshop (co-organized by NanoCommons)
9 – 11 Oct 2018 / Athens, GR

Activity details

OpenTox Euro 2018 was held on October 9-11, 2018 in Athens, Greece. Its focus was on bridging the gap between experimental and computational work in safety and risk assessment. It hosted the 1st NanoCommons Hackathon (October 9th), as well as Hands-on Workshops on Biokinetics Modelling (October 10th) and on building risk assessment workflows with OpenRiskNet (October 11th).

Organisations involved

The University of Birmingham (UoB)
Edelweiss Connect GmbH (EwC)
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Resources & Training materials

Webinar recording
Introduction to data /metadata management in nanosafety assessment workflows
A. Papadiamantis, E. Valsami Jones, I. Lynch - University of Birmingham, UK M. Himly, University of Salzburg, AT
18 Oct 2019

Data management is the implementation and application of processes, which allow the acquisition, storage, manipulation, and analysis of data during its lifecycle.

The scope here is:
- to implement data management in scientific research
- to promote data harmonisation through data curation
- to promote data comparability and continuity
- to advance informatics
- to enable translational research
- to facillitate data FAIRness

The principle of FAIR data is explained and the entire data lifecycle is elaborated in the webinar enabling a high quality standard through incorporation of comprehensive metadata.

A case study in collaboration with Duke University is presented visualizing the need and importance of metadata. Instances for materials used, which undergo continuous transformation by time and due to operator management, are defined in form of an instance map.

An experimental workflow involving use of Scinote Online Lab Notebooks is described.

Target audience: Data providers, Data owners, Data managers, Students, Researchers
Open access: yes
Licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Organisations involved: UoB, PLUS, DU
Webinar recording

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